About Us | Sunrise Africa Relief

Sunrise Africa Relief is a registered Scottish charity based in Scotland's ancient capital, Dunfermline. The charity began in 2014 on the back of yearly interfaith tours to Africa when two families decided to start a charity in Scotland with different faith groups working together, making us unique in Scotland. Sunrise Africa Relief seeks a world of ethical action, social justice, self-reliance and opportunity. We hope to realize this vision by acting as a catalyst for global social change. Sunrise Africa Relief creates opportunities for human development, community welfare and social progress through educational service projects, while endorsing the essential principles of compassion and cooperation as the cornerstones of world peace. Read more about our projects.

Mission Statement

Sunrise Africa Relief (SAR) is dedicated to the purpose of finding practical solutions to the global problems of poverty, suffering and disease while promoting opportunities for long-term sustainable development for communities in need.

Charity Objectives

  1. To promote the education of children in Africa, through schools and educational bodies
  2. To promote good health care through supporting clinics and first aid stations
  3. To relieve poverty and promote the welfare of orphans
  4. To work with and arrange to distribute funds through charities and community groups and faith based organisations in Africa and the UK
  5. To support local philanthropy and transparent grant making within Africa and the UK