Report from fundraising dinner held in Stirling

Sunrise Africa Relief held a fundraising dinner with MAP (Medical Aid for Palestinians) at the Stirling Albert Halls on 17th June 2018.

The event involved two charities working together to bring people across Scotland and England to share an evening and to learn more about the plight of Palestine and Africa.

All proceeds went to support the work of Sunrise Africa Relief and Medical Aid for Palestinians.

Mrs Christine Simpson the Provost of Stirling gave the welcoming address, followed by the keynote address from Professor Graham Watt CBE on “The Barriers for Health in Palestine”. This was followed by Ms Susan McGill, Councillor for Stirling Council, who discussed “On Supporting People”.

Dr Ishaq Abu-Arafeh, the chairman of the planning committee, did an excellent job outlining the purpose of the event and ensuring the evening ran on time, while mixing with the guests to make sure everyone was having a good experience.

Sunrise Africa Relief had three speakers. Mr Robert Williamson, co-founder and trustee, first gave a brief introduction of the charity – how it was founded in 2014 and currently has active projects in Zambia and Uganda. He then introduced Mr Aftikhar Ahmed as the other co-founder and the one who took the initiative to hold this event. Mr Ahmed received an overwhelming cheer of appreciation from the guests for his charity work.

Mr Paul Currie, another trustee, spoke on the principles of the charity and the importance of two faith groups working together. He also stated there is need everywhere and that it transcends religious, culture, and ethnic differences.

Mrs Shazia Nadeem, an ambassador for the charity, spoke on her personal experiences in Africa and her participation in the projects, in particular Uganda and Zambia – including an encounter with a crocodile!

Two music groups performed, Camile Nehme from Palestine and The Afros band from Africa. Both groups were received well and managed to get the audience dancing!

Sunrise Africa Relief raised over £683 with online donations still being received.

The Trustees would like to thank all the committee members and all those who attended and contributed to make the evening so enjoyable and successful.

Video of one of the bands:


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We rely on donations to continue funding projects in Africa and the UK. Sunrise Africa Relief chooses carefully areas where your donations can make a real impact whilst providing strict oversight to ensure those needing our help receive it. So, you can be assured your donation will be used towards a good cause. We would greatly appreciate any donations you can make. Thank you.

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