Sunrise Africa Relief sponsors university student from Lesotho

Sunrise Africa Relief are now sponsoring Miss Eun-Ju Sakala, a young university student from Lesotho. Miss Sakala is studying Business Administration and we hope to aid her in completing her education. Here is a letter she recently sent: 

Dear Sunrise Africa

Thank you for your heartedly given support towards my dreams and aspirations making it possible for me to begin my education, of course in a higher level. I do not have much words to express the support you give but from deep down my heart thank you very much. This year towards the end of January, Mrs. Ulrike Currie and her husband paid for my registration making it possible for me to start classes on time. I am officially a Business Administration (B.A) online student of UNICAF-ZM a University under (operated by) the South Wales University. February 11th my first class began, the Induction Module. So far I have been reporting back to Mr. Paul Currie (Uncle) about my grading’s and fourth. This chance will not only empower me to tackle todays issues concerning the youth such as depression and lack of self-discovery but make them understand and see the beautiful (God given) talents and strengths within them and find solutions to help humanity but also themselves weather business wise, artistic wise or even simply having heart to heart consolations. Education plays a big role for it teaches us how to be disciplined, courageous, and idealistic. With your help Sunrise Africa I will be able to achieve my goals and dreams.

Thank You very Much

Eun – ju Sakala

We will share any updates we receive from Miss Sakala on the site as her studies progress.


Dear Visitor

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