Donation to Wanangwa Community Care, Malawi

On the 12th April 2019, Robert Williamson on behalf of Sunrise Africa Relief visited the office of Mrs Tamara Mhura and made a donation of £300 towards the charity “Wanangwa Community Care” based in the North of Malawi. The charity under the leadership of Mrs Mhura is working with elderly widows in the Northern district of Malawi and providing social and economic relief. Mrs Mhura in her closing remarks thanked Sunrise Africa Relief for the monetary donation of £300 and said this would go a long way in providing relief to the plight of the widows in the area especially with the forth coming winter months. She said the money would be used to purchase clothing and food for the widows to sustain them over the coming months.

Robert Williamson on behalf of the Trustees of Sunrise Africa Relief said they were pleased to offer assistance in this area and was hopeful that the village community could get through their current difficulties where there is no government support given. He remarked on his visit to the area a few years ago where he experienced first hand the plight of the villagers and how graciously he was received by the community.

He said he hoped the donation could be stretched as much as possible to help all those in need.


Dear Visitor

We rely on donations to continue funding projects in Africa and the UK. Sunrise Africa Relief chooses carefully areas where your donations can make a real impact whilst providing strict oversight to ensure those needing our help receive it. So, you can be assured your donation will be used towards a good cause. We would greatly appreciate any donations you can make. Thank you.

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