1,000 mile run for Sunrise Africa Relief – Update

Robert Williamson one of the charity Trustees visited Zambia at the beginning of March 2020 and was able to purchase the two electric grinding machines for Sandwe village. We are grateful to SARO AGRO Industrial Ltd for giving a discount on the machines.

Mr Williamson also met with Mr Milind Amin, the Senior General Manager of the company and he said that his company will also help to install the machines and  provide some training to the villager who will be handling the machines.

We are now waiting for the rainy season to finish and for the national electric company to complete the connection of the village to the national grid later this year.

Presently this part of Zambia has experienced heavy flooding and the dirt road is inaccessible.

Sunrise Africa Relief will continue to give updates on this project as the year progresses.


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