June 2-16, 2023, Eastern Province, Zambia visit

Construction of an education centre in Nyamphande village- first step completed of drilling a borehole 80 metres deep

Visit to education centre site land donated by Chief Nyamphande


David speaking at the June 6 – Press conference with Uwe and the President of the Zambian chess Federation (18)

Drilling video

Distribution of eyeglasses at Nyamphande medical clinic on behalf of “Eyes on Africa” a California based charity

6th June Nyamphande – glasses for committee members
6th June Nyamphande – glasses for committee members
Bernard distributing eyeglasses in Luapula Province

Makale clinic site visit – completion of nurses’ staff accommodation. Donation given to construct a maternity annexe

Makale nurses staff accomodation
7th June Makale clinic donation for maternity annexe

Sandwe village grinding mill site visit with Chief Sandwe. Completed March 2023.

7th June Sandwe – grinding mill trial with Chief Sandwe
7th June Sandwe – grinding mill building

Sunrise Africa Relief could support a press conference in Lusaka with the Zambia Chess Federation and support chess coaching in schools in the Lusaka area.


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