Report on Petauke and Lasangazi Districts Donation

On 20 February 2024 Sunrise Africa Relief Country Representative Rev. Lawrence Banda and Joseph Kasoma took a trip to Eastern Province of Zambia – their destination: Petauke and Lusangazi districts. The purpose of the trip was to make donations for the construction of a Youth Education Centre in Petauke district in Nyanpande area and construction of a Maternity Annex in Lusangazi District in Sandwe’s Makale Health Post.


In Petauke district which is about 409 kilometres from Lusaka they set off at 06:00 and arrived at 12:00. Two hours later – after some refreshments – they started off on their tour of duty and drove to Nyampande Village. They were welcomed by Family Federation for World Peace Nyampande Community Committee Members. Despite the hot and dry day, there was joy in the atmosphere as three women of the committee members took to the stage and sang two songs to welcome the visitors. Everyone seemed happy forgetting the drought that has engulfed half of the southern, central and eastern spheres of the country.

After the songs the Chairperson welcomed the entourage and thanked the committee members for responding to their call almost immediately. He said a lot has happened in terms of advancing the construction of the Youth Centre. He said the committee came up with the quotations and budget of the construction which they sent to Sunrise Africa Relief in Lusaka, then to the UK for approval. He then asked Sunrise Africa Relief Country Representatives in Zambia Rev. Lawrence Banda to speak to the FFWPU Nyampande Community Committee Members.

In his speech Rev. Banda said that the projects that are being undertaken are for the future benefit of the families and communities of Nyampande Village and not for those from Lusaka. He said that they are only middlemen between Nyampande and the sponsors of the projects. He then asked the Committee Members for a commitment to protect the projects because it was for their own children. He encouraged the committee to work hard and achieve the intended goals so that when Rev. Williamson arrives in June he will be happy and make more donations.

He then presented a donation of K50, 000 towards the construction of the Youth Centre in the village where various undertaking of activities will be implemented.

The Nyampande Community Committee members Coordinator said it was encouraging to see the love that Rev. Williamson has shown towards the people of Nyampande despite many not knowing him fully. He then discussed the budget and quotation of the construction of the Youth Centre. He said originally they budgeted for K48, 000 however this was made without pricing the roofing sheets. Instead of donating K48, 000, Rev. Robert Williamson donated K50, 000.

The Village Headman where the Youth Centre will be constructed also said that it was unbelievable that Sunrise Africa Relief could respond in such a quick time. He said such kind of love is very rare especially that the one making these efforts is not among our tribesmen but someone from outside. He said, “From today henceforth he is our tribesman.”
After the speeches the Chairperson asked Rev Banda together with the Committee Members to go to the site where the Youth Centre will constructed. At the site, Rev Banda saw how the borehole was mounted and how a small house was constructed around it. They were then shown a cleared area where the Youth Centre will be constructed. It was a delightful moment at the site as the women sang songs of praise to Sunrise Africa Relief and FFWPU. The occasion was then joined by some of the community members who sang songs of praise together. By 16:50 the event came to an end. The duo went back to the base in Petauke.

The following day Rev. Banda and Joseph Kasoma started off on a journey of 47.9 kilometres from Petauke district to Lusangazi district to make a donation towards the construction of a Labour ward for Makale Health Post.

At the health centre the delegates were welcomed by Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Makale Committee Member’s Chairperson and his committee members. Makale Health Post’s Centre in Charge, Mrs Martha Siachande was also at hand to give a thunderous welcome. Rev. Banda and his entourage were ushered into the Sister-in-Charge office and later joined by the FFWPU Makale Committee Members.

After welcoming the delegates Rev Banda immediately said that the last time Sunrise Africa Relief delegates visited the clinic, Rev. Williamson asked what immediate challenges the clinic faced. The Clinic Official responded indicating that the most needed facility was the maternity wing. Rev Williamson donated a sum of K20, 000 instantly and asked them to start making the necessary foundation. Rev. Banda said, it was as result of that, that Sunrise Africa Relief, Director sent Rev. Banda and Joseph Kasoma to make a donation of K50, 000 towards the maternity ward.
He then presented the donation which was received by the head of the Clinical Officer and FFWPU Makale Community’s Committee Members. He told them to work together as one unit. He said to achieve anything you needed to work together as one: “If there is no unity it is difficult to achieve the intended goal.” He added that everyone should be involved, including the women and the youth in the community. He sighted how FFWPU Nyampande Committee as one of the most united force. Rev. Banda said the clinic’s Labour ward was not for Rev. Williamson and his family nor is it for Rev. Banda and his family, but for the women and the community of Makale village and beyond.

The Chairperson said he was happy for the donation made by Sunrise Africa Relief U.K. He said it is disheartening when visiting the clinic to be hearing women on labour and all that was taking place at a small room which is shared with other patients both male and female. He said that they had already started the foundation of the Maternity Annex, building according to the government guidelines.

The Sister-in-Charge Mrs. Martha Siachande said the donation made towards the construction of the Maternity Annex is a game changer for the clinic, the women and the community of Makale. She said it will bring dignity to the women and pride during delivery. She said she was delighted to have witnessed the donation as the In- Charge.

The entourage were then asked to go and see the foundation of the Maternity Wing Annex. It was such an amazing occasion and Rev. Banda was happy to see the foundation already in place. He further asked the committee to consider applying for Constituency Development Fund (CDF) within the constituency through the area councillor. He suggested that he shall to talk to Chief Sandwe to push for CDF for the clinic.

The occasion that started at 12:34 PM then ended at 14:08 PM. The entourage bid farewell after a closing prayer and started off back to Petauke district.


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We rely on donations to continue funding projects in Africa and the UK. Sunrise Africa Relief chooses carefully areas where your donations can make a real impact whilst providing strict oversight to ensure those needing our help receive it. So, you can be assured your donation will be used towards a good cause. We would greatly appreciate any donations you can make. Thank you.

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