Donation of Reusable Sanitary Towels/Pads for the Girls

DATE: May 6, 2022
PURPOSE: Donation of Reusable Sanitary Towels/Pads for the Girls
VENUE: Kaseba Primary School

Friday, May 6, 2022, was an exciting day for the pupils, especially the girls, at Kaseba Primary School in the town of Kafue in Zambia. Male pupils from Kaseba Primary School were also present to witness their fellow female counterparts’ memorable day, parents were invited, too, for this special occasion.

Apart from the National Police Aid Convoys (NPAC) charity, the main organizer of the event, and Sunrise Africa Relief (SAR), the main donor of the event, there were other working partners in attendance. The guest of honour was a representative of the Minister of Education and until she and her entourage arrived, the pupils entertained everyone with cultural songs and dances as well as gospel songs and poems.

Proceedings officially started at midday when the event’s director asked Mr. Mwale to open the occasion with a prayer. Thereafter, the manager of the school gave opening remarks and housekeeping. He thanked everyone who was present for coming and asked all to stay until the end of the program.

The first speaker was the chairperson and founder of NPAC, Mrs. Marion Tasker, who lives in United Kingdom and came to Zambia specifically for this occasion. Mrs. Tasker said that the girls have been at a disadvantage because their learning was regularly interrupted by their menstrual periods which kept them at home, away from school and through this, the boys could advance academically. Therefore, the provision of the much more economical, reusable sanitary pads is a booster to the girls’ education and will boost their confidence.

The next speech was delivered by Rev. Banda on behalf of Mr. Robert Williamson, the co-founder of Sunrise Africa Relief. Mr. Williamson highlighted the historical background, vision, and objectives of the charity – seeking for a world of peace and social justice, self-reliance, and equal opportunities for all. He said Sunrise Africa Relief was confident that the donation will help the young girls attend classes without interruptions and in that way give them an equal opportunity to attain high levels of education and a chance for a better and brighter future.

Mr. Williamson gave special recognition to his son Stephan who inspired some of his friends to do a bicycle challenge to raise money for the charity. The goal was to cycle 10,000 kilometers during the year of 2021. 12 young men managed this cruelling challenge and encouraged people along the way to donate money, so this and other projects in Africa can be sponsored.
The third speaker was the headteacher of Kaseba Primary School, who expressed that the examination classes of the school have been performing extremely well in the past, and he thanked all those who support the school. He mentioned some of the challenges the school is still facing, like the use of pit latrines, the erratic water supply, and the susceptibility to theft due to the location.

The last speech was delivered by the representative of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Mrs. Sipeso, who thanked the working partners for the support they have given to the girls, so the gap between boys and girls education could be diminished. Girls are often isolated when school programs are going on and, in the past, often had to stay at home, but now, here at Kaseba School with this generous donation of washable pads, things will change. She turned to the girls and told them that they should attend school today and every day and by doing that, they will be able to contribute to society tomorrow. Mrs. Sipeso went on and encouraged the girls to be responsible in using the pads and maintaining them. She said she was happy that the parents were invited to the event and encouraged them to support their children to enhance their education by staying on at school to enable them to achieve great things in their lives.

The final vote of thanks was given by Marian Nyirenda who expressed that the hampers of pads that were donated will improve the girls’ school attendance, will bring confidence, and improve their performance. She thanked specifically NPAC chairperson, Mrs. Marion Tasker, for organizing the event and Mr. Robert Williamson, co-founder of Sunrise Africa Relief, for the donation. She ended with the common phrase “Educate the girls and empower the nation.”

To close the day a poem “SANITARY TOWELS ARE AN EQUALIZER” was performed by six schoolgirls to show their appreciation to NPAC and Sunrise Africa Relief for their valuable support.

Sunrise Africa Relief Delegates:
1. Rev. Lawrence Banda
2. Mrs. Annabel Banda
3. Mr. Ackson Mwale
4. Mrs. Anna Mwale
5. Mrs. Jaqueline Mutewa
6. Mrs. Kanta
7. Mr. Fabrice Djimadou
8. Mr. Joseph Kasoma


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